Fresh ginger used in a majority of Indian dishes, a beneficial anti-inflammatory and a natural remedy for headaches, body aches and common colds


A common Antiseptic and assists in healing some forms of joint pains, a long standing indian traditional ingredient in all curries


Used as antiseptics and antibiotic properties as clove oil but utilised in indian cooking for its beautiful delicate flavour in both sweet and savoury dishes


Helps relieve digestive problems, helps boost the immune system, a good source of natural iron as well as being used in most indian dishes to flavour the oil with warming fragrance and enhance the food


Assist diabetics digest sugar, has astringent and carmative properties and assists in cardiovascular health, utilised in sweet and savoury dishes, to bring out the flavours of red meats and digestion

Black Cardamom

Helps relieve digestive, gum and chest congestion also good for asthmatics, used in indian cooking to add heat and a smokey unique flavour to rices, curries and pickles

Whole Black Pepper

This little spice assists in the ability to increase the production of hydrochloric acid which assists your digestion, another natural source of Iron used in cooking to add subtle heat and fragrance to all savoury dishes

Fresh Garlic

The goddess of spices – utilised in nearly all indian savoury cuisines, helps your body fight bacteria – naturally. The most fragrant spice used in pickles and infuse oils as well as for consumption in a good curry!


Grown from delicate white flowers the true taste of licorice, assist with indigestion and stomach pains, used in many meat dishes


Freshly dried bay leaves assist in aiding digestion, induces sleep and have a menthol and eucalyptus like flavour, used in rice and chicken indian dishes. Also used as a garnish

Coriander Seeds

Used to treat halitosis and aid digestive issues for children the seed has a warm aromatic citrus flavour used in masalas and to flavour dishes at the beginning of cooking

Fenugreek Seeds

A small mistakenly unused seed which helps lower blood cholesterol and aid digestion, when heated fenugreek seeds give off a maple syrup/caramel smell infusing your food with the aroma

Fennel Seeds

Eaten to give relief of overeating and bloating, a tiny seed that is a giant in cuisine offering a minty licorice flavour to dishes